Create, Distribute and Manage Requests For Parent Approval of Student Activities

ISAFE Direct Permission Slip provides teachers, coaches and faculty advisors:

  • A simple, flexible permission process to obtain parental consent 
  • Verifies student information is up to date and kept current.
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Distribute Permission Slips With Ease

ISAFE Direct Permission Slip enables educators to quickly create, distribute and manage requests for parent approval of student involvement in activities such as field trips, sports or any extra-curricular activity. 

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Simplify Communication With Parents

The ISAFE Direct Platform integrates with directories to simplify communications and provides implementation oversight and reporting.

Create Permission Slips On Demand

Create a permission slip for any activity in minutes.

  • Start with ready-made templates or create your own
  • Customize to your school, grade, teacher & activity  
  • No paper required. Digital delivery creates a smooth experience
  • No classroom time required

Access Streamlined Reporting

ISAFE Direct Permission Slip provides real time reporting & validation.  Features include:

  • Progress shown by event, school, & teacher
  • See parent & child status in real time
  • Enables quick, targeted follow up
  • Provides 3rd party validation in case of audit

Benefits of ISAFE Direct Permission Slip

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Learn more about the benefits of using ISAFE Direct.

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