Promote Digital Literacy In The Classroom

ISAFE Direct DC4 Digital Programming offers a comprehensive digital library of cross-curricular instructional materials and resources.

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DC4 Digital Programming Is An Essential Component of Every School District's Technology Plan

The program provides over 450 digital lessons that prepare students for life in the 21st century while exceeding CIPA/E-Rate requirements. ISAFE's Digital Learning provides navigational and management tools for educators and strong implementation and reporting tools for Administrators.         

Access High Quality and Cohesive Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Digital Citizenship refers to the rights & responsibilities of participating in today's global society and economy. Elements of digital citizenship include technology access, digital communication, online etiquette, digital literacy, e-commerce, digital ethics, privacy & security, digital health, and personal safety.

ISAFE's cohesive K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum (DC4) encompasses each of these elements while integrating with core subject matters so that students receive necessary training throughout the academic year.

Promote Student Success

Students’ physical and mental health are essential to student success. ISAFE's DC4 Digital Programming promotes positive physical, mental, emotional and social well-being to enable students to reach their full potential. Our instructional programming promotes academic growth, social emotional development, and digital literacy.

Exceed CIPA/E-Rate Requirements

With E-Rate funding at stake, administrators need to accurately account for and, if called upon, document their district's compliance with CIPA. ISAFE's DC4 Digital Programming provides:

  • Customized policy and document implementation strategy
  • Real time reporting by school, teacher and number of students taught according to grade & subject matter 
  • Administrative tools include graph reports and easy to use charts
  • Digital completion certification according to teacher 
  • No papers to track and verifiable reporting through monitoring of student progress

Cost Savings For Districts

ISAFE's DC4 Digital Programming saves districts money in several ways:

  • No staff time is needed to develop, manage or update CIPA/E-Rate curriculum
  • ISAFE's digital learning materials are hosted in the cloud, removing the cost of IT management and capacity
  • There are no textbooks, distribution costs, or copies to be made

Benefits of DC4 Digital Programming

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DC4 is a value proposition you can't ignore! Flexible Implementation with robust reporting & analytics.

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