An Integrated Digital Signature Platform

ISAFE Direct MyOk is a robust and secure identity management application that verifies a parent’s identity prior to obtaining access to ISAFE's signature platform. ISAFE's technology also provides parents with a single dashboard to receive and approve AUP's, permission slips and verifiable parental request forms.

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MyOk Makes It Easy To Review And Sign Documents Where Consent Is Needed

MyOk is the secure end user application built into all ISAFE's identity management services.  MyOk provides verified parents and guardians with a single dashboard from which they can manage requests to gather and use their child’s personal information, whether that be for educational purposes, extracurricular activities or commercial web sites and apps.

A Secure Portal For Parents

ISAFE's user-friendly personal dashboard allows parents to quickly see any pending requests, who it’s from and how to act on it. When a request is made to a parent:

  • Parents receive notification by email and/or app
  • Notification includes a link to their secure portal
  • No personal information is exposed

A Seamless Digital Experience

Once on the ISAFE Direct MyOk portal, verified adults can:

  • Identify any current requests
  • Review any documents/media
  • Decide what privacy statements to review
  • Approve or disapprove requests
  • Keep a record of all requests/documents
  • Documents are 100% under the parents control at all times

Simple To Track

A parent or guardian’s identity and authority to approve requests is verified during set up. Their individual portal is secure and no personal information is exposed at any time. The only visible document is the one published.  Signing activity is reported in real-time and the online dashboard provides a current history of requests and activities authorized and denied.

Benefits of ISAFE Direct MyOk

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